Analyzing the Civil War

Making an was a long process. It included analyzing the documents and the many facts and statistics they included, deciding which were the most relevant to incorporate, and figuring out the best way to format and present them. However, the entire process helped me understand the situations faced by the Union and Confederacy at the start of the war. After viewing the documents, I realized the considerable edge the North had over the South when it came to resources, the economy, transportation, the government, and the population available to work and fight. These statistics seemed extremely important to include so I created a chart highlighting the differences between the resources of the North and South. Some of the facts were astonishing, like that in yearly value of manufactured goods, the North dominated the South at 91% to 9%. Other facts, although I knew them, seemed more terrible when I presented them, like the South’s dependency on slaves. I tried to organize the infogram so that it was more visual and there were not huge clumps of words or paragraphs together. Overall, this project helped me better my understanding of the situations the North and South were in prior to the Civil War and why they employed the strategies they did.

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